photo 1[Elk]  I take a zumba class at my local Y lead by a power duo – MeMe and Angel. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, I am there shaking my hips and rolling my shoulders with an diverse crowd of free spirits. One day I thought- this scene would make a great music video- then it occurred to me, Elk and Boar needs a video! I will ask Angel to choreograph an Elk and Boar song!!! Angel is a star. He has “it”. And I want the world to experience his magic. Just before I asked him, I talked to my brilliant friends at The Art Dept. They shoot videos that really move me capturing light and mood with honed skills and perfect intuition. I was THRILLED when both The Art Dept and Angel agreed enthusiastically to collaborate with us.  We chose the song ten steps.

As the brainstorm continued- I began thinking about setting and other elements that could enhance the song. Whenever I listen to ten steps I can hear a pep band playing it, drum line… spinning batons, flaming hula hoops etc. We were seeking a venue. Stadium High School opened its arms to us. This iconic Tacoma landmark seemed the ideal place to have an Elk and Boar assembly. On top of venue use- we are elated that students and faculty will actually be participating in the video! The Stadium band director has charted out the song so that the band can play along at the shoot. The dance team and the cheerleaders will be a part of our core group powering the flash mob.  Basically, it’s going to be insane. Come be a part of the insanity.

RSVP on our event page for updates and details! We have posted the routine early for those that know that separation is in the preparation.


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This December we are delighted to be playing at Columbia City Theater with thee most lovely Pretty Broken Things and new favorites The Royal Oui. It’s gonna the best Thursday night you had all year. You’ll feel like you’re on summer break in Sydney.

I know we’ve been a little quiet but good things are in the works. We will be making a music video starring Tacoma-  for ten steps and YOU are invited to be a part of it!! Look for more updates. Filming in mid January! It’s going to be CRAZY. We are so excited.

Love to be with you before the year ends!! Get some tickets!! Meet us at CCT December 12th.



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Happy News

SONY DSCSomething out of Nothing is now on Itunes, Spotify, CDbaby, Reverbnation, SoundCloud and Bandcamp. If you have the cd we would greatly appreciate your review! Our endless thanks to those of you who have supported us. We hope you will share this collection of songs with your circle of friends! We’re offering in return hugs and kisses and long holding. Also free beers and various alcohols if we happen to have them in a cooler with us…which, we might. Sometimes we do have those things along. You guys are the best. For reals. Let’s get together in October for a show. See you then. XOXOXOXO

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Elk and Boar Record Release Show @ High Dive June 9th

RECORD RELEASE AT THE HIGH DIVE JUNE 9th! Can you go?! Say YES!! We love you and want you there!!!


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Thrilled to announce some upcoming dates! Maybe get a pen or pencil or you can put in it your phone, that’s probably easiest. The important thing is just that we are on your calendar. xo

May 24th – 26th Doe Bay Resort and Retreat

w/ Lotte Kestner and Kevin Long

Record Release Short Run with Walking Spanish

June 5th Cafe Coda- Chico, CA

June 6th Caldera Tap House- Ashland, OR

June 7th Mt Tabor Theater- Portland, OR

June 8th Kickstarter Party- Tacoma WA

June 9th  Record Release @ High Dive – Seattle WA


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something out of nothing

A dear friend sent me this recently… I (el-k) wrote this pep talk of sorts 5 or 6 years back and I had forgotten about it.  I was shocked and delighted to see the title of our CD is in the second paragraph so I thought I’d share it with you.

Isn’t this what art is- marking what is noticeable to you and making of those notes, a composition?! We tear off a corner of an overcast mood, overhear conversations, remember youthful passions, dog-ear scribbled in books, steal waiting room magazines, cut up materials, marvel at things in order, stand and look at the funnel cloud of inner chaos and let it take us somewhere. This is our spectrum- the nutrients our interior walls have absorbed, where emotions and experiences have mixed fresh colors for us, that our brushes could dip! We soak up- then strike the quiet surface and find a new noise- one born of combining what we know of any little moment with skilled senses that we might make a projection- letting imagination breath real air and float and make sound and be visible, be something perceptible.
Make the emptiness meaningful to you. Make something out of nothing. Make something out of wreckage. Inform beauty of its state, console ugliness till it feels pretty. Wait for the perfect light. Wrap your words and songs and thoughts and arms around what makes you feel new. Make something out of the elements provided by the second that just slipped past you. May it leave its chill up your arm so that you can leave a chill up mine.

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Something Out Of Nothing / Elk and Boar 


March 15th, 2011, in a Tacoma warehouse, we gathered with friends to celebrate the release of our first Elk and Boar CD, Room To Start. That same night Travis wrote up a 2 year band marriage contract, which we both signed- with witnesses even. Today, March 15th, 2013 that Elk and Boar contract expires. We are renewing it with the release of our second CD Something Out of Nothing produced by Elijah Thomson of Everest. We are thrilled with it and want you to have it!

Something Out Of Nothing is on sale on bandcamp- this weekend only- to commemorate our 2 year Elk and Boar anniversary. If you joined our kickstarter, you have a download code waiting for you. Just email us for your code at and download free!

New, gorgeous merch is in the works. T-shirt design looks incredible. Ryan Meline is a phenomenal art director! Our CD’s should arrive by the end of this month. We will keep you posted. Record release private and public party dates coming soon! Thanks for being patient with us. : ) And…THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!!!!! Can’t wait to hear what you think! We love you.

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Party at The Sunset

We will be celebrating our successful kickstarter tonight at The Sunset with Melville and The Spring Standards! Thanks to 89 generous backers, we start recording October 14th!! This project is so meaningful to us because YOU believed in it and got behind us. We hope to get a chance to thank you tonight in person. We will play our guts out in your honor. Also- if you had wanted to back this project, it is not too late to get on the backer list. You can still sign up for an incentive directly through us. You could do it tonight even! We’d love to make sure you have this cd first.


Elk and Boar

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Elk and Boar Kickstarter Video

In this video you can preview a few of our new songs and learn about our project keep to road. We would love it if you’d check out our kickstarter and get involved in the making of our record! We would love it so much. xoxo

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elk and boar september 2012 kickstarter is live!

Hello friends,

In this last half of September, we will be generating funds for our next cd keep to the road which we will be recording in October. It is going to be magical and we hope you will get involved in this project by participating in our kickstarter – check it out!!!

Much love,

Kirsten and Travis

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